checked baggage

checked baggage


Each passenger, including children and infants, can purchase up to two checked bags or upgrade the included baggage. 


If you travel with the Economy S fare, you can add two pieces of checked baggage weighing up to 30 kg. Economy M fare includes one checked bag of 15 kg, you can purchase two additional checked bags of up to 30 kg or upgrade the included baggage allowance. Economy L fare includes one piece of checked baggage weighing 23 kg, you can also add two additional pieces weighing up to 30 kg or upgrade the included baggage.


In Business Class, one piece of checked baggage is included with a maximum of 30 kg and the dimensions listed below.


No single piece of checked baggage may weigh more than 30 kg. The maximum overall size (length + width + height) must be less than 275 cm.

Baggage bis 15 kg

The first choice for a short vacation

Baggage bis 23 kg

The all-rounder for every trip

Baggage bis 30 kg

The best choice for longer trips

Smart Luggage is a piece of luggage (suitcase, backpack, etc.) that contains a lithium battery or power bank. There are restrictions regarding this piece of luggage.


If the Smart Luggage is to be transported in the cargo hold, the batteries must be disconnected at baggage claim and removed and carried in the hand luggage. Open cable ends must be taped off to avoid short circuits. If you are not able to disconnect and remove the batteries or tape off the open cable ends, we cannot carry this baggage for safety reasons. More information HERE.

You are allowed to take some accessories on board, such as an umbrella, a coat, crutches, a walking stick or a shopping bag with goods purchased at the airport.

You can add checked baggage and, if necessary, a large piece of hand luggage when booking, for this follow the instructions in the booking process.


After booking, you can add luggage up to 24 hours before departure by going to the menu item “Manage” and then to the item “My booking”. There you enter your booking code and your last name. After successful login, go to the sub-item “Baggage” and there you can book additional baggage.

Before packing, find out what items are allowed or forbidden to take with you. We advise you to put in the suitcase contact information with your address, so that if, contrary to expectations, the luggage is lost, it can be delivered to you quickly. Also, avoid putting valuables in your checked baggage. Preferably, take valuables in your hand luggage. You should also carry medicine, money and important travel documents in your hand luggage.


LOUISAIR checked baggage LOUISAIR checked baggage

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