hand baggage

hand baggage

Small Hand Baggage

One small piece of hand luggage is included on every flight and in every fare. It must not exceed the maximum size of 45 x 35 x 20 cm (including handles and wheels) and must fit under the front seat. The maximum weight is 5kg. The small carry-on bag should be sufficient for short trips or day trips. Please note that you must carry your luggage independently.

Large Hand Baggage

 A large piece of hand baggage is included in the Economy M and Economy L fares and in Business Class. If you are traveling on the Economy S fare and require a large carry-on bag, you can add it. The large piece of hand luggage may be a maximum of 55 x 45 x 25 cm (including handles and wheels) and weigh 8kg.

You are allowed a maximum of two pieces of hand luggage per person, provided you have booked the corresponding fare/class or added the large hand luggage.

If you are traveling with an infant/child, you may carry two of the items listed below per infant/child in addition to your carry-on baggage. Infants/children over the age of two are subject to the same carry-on baggage regulations as adults. You may drop off these items at check-in or baggage claim before you pass through security. If you need any of these items until you reach the boarding gate, we will take the item into custody for transport in the hold before you board. You can retrieve the items at baggage claim.

  • Travel bed
  • Baby stroller
  • Double baby stroller
  • Buggy
  • Car seat
  • Booster seat
  • Baby back carrier

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