sport baggage

sport baggage


Every passenger, including children and infants, can add a spor baggage to your flight. 


We limit sport baggage to one per person in order to have enough space for each bag of each passenger. A maximum of 6 pieces of sport baggage can be added per booking, even if there are more than 6 customers in the booking. If you want to take more than one sport baggage, please contact our service team, they will check the space afterwards.


We distinguish sport baggage in two weight sizes and on content. All sports equipment must be handed in at check-in or baggage drop-off.


Below are the approved items for each category, if your sports equipment is not listed please contact our service team as well.


If your sport baggage weighs more than 30 kg we cannot take it due to weight reasons.

Sport Baggage up to 20 kg

Sport Baggage up to 30 kg

If you want to take your bike with you, it must be packed in the following way in order to transport it safely in the cargo hold of the plane:

  • The bicycle must be packed in a special bicycle case or bag
  • Only one bike per suitcase/bag is allowed
  • The handlebar must be flush with the frame
  • Pedals must be removed or flush with the frame
  • No other items may be carried in the bag/suitcase such as clothing
  • The bike must not weigh more than 30 kg

We recommend taking the bike in a suitcase or sturdy box to avoid damage.

Electric bicycles are prohibited on our flights.

You can take sporting firearms or firearms suitable for competition, but you can only take them in the cargo hold. You must be over 18 years of age or traveling with someone who is over 18 to bring sporting firearms.

The following sporting weapons are allowed: 

  • Sporting shotguns with barrels, not longer than 60 cm 
  • Sporting rifles (including air rifles) of all calibers, but not semi-automatic weapons with a caliber larger than 22mm
  • Sporting single-shot rifles with a caliber of maximum 22 mm
  • Any rifles and handguns with a caliber of maximum 22 mm

All firearms must be unloaded and packed in a suitable sturdy weapons bag. A maximum of 5kg of ammunition is permitted per passenger. Ammunition must be securely packed, ideally in the manufacturer’s packaging. Ammunition with explosive or flammable projectiles are prohibited.

Before your trip, you must contact our service team and inform us that you are carrying a sporting firearm.

Please note that the baggage regulations for checked baggage apply in the same way to sporting weapons and that they are handled as checked baggage.

The following documents are required to bring:

  • Documents and licenses
  • Export -/Import licenses
  • Approval from local and national authorities

Please be at the baggage claim counter at least 120 minutes before the scheduled departure time so that we can perform all necessary checks. If you arrive later, you may not be allowed to fly. The same applies if you are unable to present the appropriate documents.

You can add sports baggage when booking, follow the instructions in the booking process.


After booking, you can add luggage up to 24 hours before departure by going to the menu item “Manage” and then to the item “My booking”. There you enter your booking code and your last name. After successful login, go to the sub-item “Baggage” and there you can book additional baggage.

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